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  • Penguin Parade on Phillip Island
    Phillip Island region

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    The Phillip Island from Melbourne - 2 hour drive from Melbourne - Top 10 Tourist Destination.
    Time Melbourne to Phillip Island: 2 Hours+ (allow 3 hours)
    Distance Melbourne to Phillip Island: 141.7 km via M1

    Penguin Parade viewing

    Experience one of Australia’s most popular attractions. Each night at sunset you’ll be amazed by Little Penguins returning ashore after a day’s fishing. See the world’s smallest penguin in its natural habitat from viewing stands and boardwalks. Enjoy interactive and educational displays in the visitor centre and the spectacular coastal scenery from the Penguin Parade. This experience is sure to be the highlight of your visit. As the sun fades in the sky, Little Penguins waddle up the beach to the safety of their homes in the sand dunes. Witness this magical procession – it is a treat never forgotten.

    Penguin Parade
    The main penguin viewing area at Summerland Beach has tiered seating and provides a 180 degree elevated viewing of the Little Penguins on parade. Watching them arrive and waddle across the beach to their sand dune burrows at sunset is a magical experience for all. Visitors can also enjoy Little Penguins around their burrows from elevated timber boardwalks.

    Penguins Plus: The Penguins Plus viewing platform is inspired by the natural elements of the surrounding landscape and offers visitors up-close viewing of the little penguins, complete with ranger commentary on the fascinating lives of the penguins. Limited to a maximum of 300 people, the platform overlooks the most popular pathway at the Penguin Parade, providing some great penguin viewing.

    Underground Viewing: Get a bird’s-eye view of the little penguins in the Underground viewing experience. Limited to just 70 people, this world-first facility gives you the chance to watch the penguins waddling along the Penguin Parade’s most popular pathway, at eye-level. Enjoy up-close viewing of the penguins in their natural habitat through an underground viewing window, with the comfort and convenience of being indoors, undercover and out of the elements

    Penguin VIP Tour: Enjoy the Penguin Parade from the comfort of an exclusive, elevated viewing tower. Located at the main viewing stand at the Penguin Parade, this option allows ten (10)people each evening to have pole position for penguin viewing. Visitors are able to interact with a ranger and assist in the penguin count, an important part in the ongoing research of the Phillip Island penguins.

    Ultimate Penguin Tour: If you are seeking a more personalised and intimate wildlife tour, the Ultimate Penguin Tour is for you. Designed for groups of up to ten(10), this fully accredited eco-tour takes visitors to a stunning, secluded beach to view Little Penguins. Participants get informative commentary by rangers through personal headphones as they view penguins with the use of night vision technology.

    Behind the Scenes Tour: This fun and family oriented, ranger-led tour allows you to see what goes on at the Penguin Parade and how rangers and researchers are protecting the Little Penguins. Play with puppets to uncover the secret lives of penguins. You will also receive tips on best viewing for the Penguin Parade and a little penguin jumper to take home. The Penguin Parade Visitor Centre features informative displays, gift shops, café, toilets and theatre.

    A Maze’N Things

    A Maze’N Things
    No visit to Phillip Island is complete without a trip to A Maze’N Things. It is an exciting world of optical illusions, mazes, puzzles and magic that will entertain, intrigue and amuse adults and children for hours. Inside the uniquely designed building, there are Illusions Rooms, a Mirror Maze, the Rotating Room, and a host of other things to enjoy, including the famous LookOut! Slide. Not for the fainthearted, it is a great adrenaline rush for those on it and very entertaining for those just watching. The activities in Puzzle Island test your motor skills, perception and memory. You will leave roaring with laughter or scratching your head in disbelief. Discover Magic Manor with its interactive magic displays, astounding illusions, mysterious caves, magic rabbits, time machine, scare rooms and much more. It’s like nothing you have experienced. Outside, Australia’s largest three-dimensional timber maze provides a labyrinth of twisting turns and dead ends. The 19-hole Maxi Mini Golf course will challenge everyone from beginners to experienced golfers. Climb to new heights on the SkyTrail, a new concept in high ropes courses where you traverse amongst the tree tops in complete safety. Explore different elements of swinging bridges, clambering ropes, and dangling obstacles. For those desiring more leisurely pursuits, there is also a large and colourful café, specialty retail shop and outdoor facilities such as playgrounds, BBQ’s and picnic areas. Open 7 days a week from 10am – 5pm.

    Antarctic Journey
    The exciting new ‘Antarctic Journey’ attraction at the Nobbies Centre is Open Taking you on a virtual journey to the world’s most extreme continent – Antarctica. Be engaged by a hands-on fun and interactive experiences which include – feeling the freeze in the Antarctic Chill Zone, comparing a penguin’s thermal image with their own, and selecting a seafood meal at an interactive dinner table. A large multimedia installation within the exhibition will tantalise the senses as it showcases the captivating landscape and stunning wildlife along the journey from Phillip Island through to Antarctica. The journey’s climax is an unforgettable, state of the art augmented reality experience which puts you right in the heart of the action. Stand on an ice floe and pat a penguin, stroke a seal or marvel at a whale within arm’s reach. Take a fun and interactive virtual journey into the wonderful world of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

    Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm
    Visit Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm for a natural experience and plenty of good old-fashioned hospitality. Friendly fishing instructors will teach you to catch rainbow trout in a picturesque tree-lined lake and the all-weather indoor “Rainforest Pool.” Take your catch with you or ask the chef to transform your trout into a magnificent meal. The Bush Tucker Trail winds through three hectares of native food crops, producing numerous edible fruits, berries, seeds, leaves and flowers. Learn about how the Koori people harvested and used these plants from the wild. The licensed Farmhouse Café offers Devonshire tea, home style meals and a huge variety of home made bush tucker products.


    Wild Ocean Eco Boat
    There’s a spot along Phillip Island’s southern coastline, between the Nobbies and Penguin Parade, which rivals the views of Victoria’s Great Ocean Road. For the first time this rugged coastline can be explored up close on the Wild Oceans EcoBoat Tours. Phillip Island Nature Parks has teamed up with John Dickie, the island’s long-time local boat tour operator, to offer the new daily tours. As locals attest, the waters surrounding Phillip Island teem with wildlife. From June to September, migrating whales such as southern rights and humpbacks are spotted, along with smaller orcas or ‘killer whales’. Keep your eyes peeled for any ‘rafts’ of little penguins out fishing, or look towards the shore to spot a soaring bird of prey such as a peregrine falcon.

    Within 20 minutes of departing from the Cowes jetty, the Wild Ocean EcoBoat Tours arrive offshore to one of the Australia’s largest fur seal colonies. Underwater cameras aboard the boat reward guests with a unique glimpse into the playful antics occurring beneath the waves as seals surround the boat. Visit in January and you’ll see fur seal pups taking their first swim lessons. Extend the thrills aboard the EcoBoat Adventure tour for spectacular close-up views of the Nobbies blowhole and Phillip Island’s rugged southern coastline. The return journey takes guests past the Nobbies and the coastline of Summerland Peninsula. Discover the Aboriginal and European history of the area and pass by Cat Bay, a National Surfing Reserve famous for its longboard break.

    Return to Cowes jetty in time to explore the sights of town before heading out to see the little penguins waddle ashore at dusk for the world-famous Penguin Parade. Tours operate daily with up to three trips per day in the peak summer season. Two tours are on offer: EcoBoat Adventure: 90 minutes and includes Seal Rocks, Nobbies blowhole, Summerland Peninsula and Cat Bay. EcoBoat Express: 60 minutes and includes Seals Rocks, Nobbies and Cat Bay. Prices start at $85AUS per adult. To find out more, visit, head to a Phillip Island Nature Parks visitor centre, or drop by the Wild Oceans EcoBoat Tours office at Cowes jetty.


    Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
    Without a doubt, the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is the sweetest and most addictive attraction on Phillip Island Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate is a celebration of all things chocolate, with interactive machines to play with, fascinating facts and the ability to make your own chocolate on the spot. Once you’ve experienced this unique chocolate wonderland it is time to explore Pannys Chocolate café and Pannys Chocolate Shop to experience an extensive selection of chocolatey treats. From your very first taste you will fall in love with Pannys delectable Belgium premium hand made chocolates. When you arrive at the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory you will be offered one of Pannys ‘secret recipe’ White Truffles. It is a delicious introduction to Panny’s skills as a chocolatier. With a vast range of truffles, bars, clusters, gift boxes and animals there will be a Pannys favourite for you. And there’s more! The Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is more than just a chocolate shop!

    The Nobbies

    The Nobbies
    From this magnificent headland, the views stretch forever. This area offers spectacular coastal viewing from the boardwalks and lookout points set amongst natural sea bird gardens. One and a half kilometres offshore from The Nobbies are Seal Rocks, home to Australia’s largest Australian Fur Seal colony. Things to do: Stroll along The Nobbies boardwalk and enjoy spectacular views along Phillip Island’s rugged south coast. See the awesome blowhole, a spectacular sea cave that thunders during big southern swells. Enjoy the sea bird gardens offering spectacular flowering displays in the spring. Take a moment to learn about the local area from the educational signage. Silver Gulls nest here and chicks can be seen during spring and early summer. Little Penguins are often seen here resting between seasonal and daily duties. Australia’s Larges Fur Seal Colony at Seal Rocks on Phillip Island

    Koala Conservation Centre

    Koala Conservation Centre
    Stroll through this eucalypt woodland and come ‘face-to-face’ with koalas in their natural habitat. The Koala Conservation Centre’s unique tree top boardwalks and close viewing areas allow visitors to see how truly amazing koalas are. The new koala boardwalk provides exceptional koala viewing and features amazing views of a beautiful natural wetland area. Also not to be missed are the centre’s latest additions. Catch a glimpse of this year’s koala joeys, as they take their first adventures out of the mother’s pouch, learning to climb, find food and meet each other. Exceptional photo opportunities abound! Promoting koala conservation, this ecotourism attraction has been essential for saving Phillip Island’s koala population and natural bush environment. The new close viewing area plays host to a special koala breeding program over the next year, ensuring it remains a key player in the conservation of these important animals. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a ranger-led ‘Koala Eco-Explorer Tour’ which provides them with the chance to discover behind the scenes information about one of Australia’s favourite icons. Unlike a zoo, the Koala Conservation Centre is really unique as visitors get the chance to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat, living as they would in the wild. Another spectacular area is the woodland walk. Wandering through natural bush, amongst hundreds of different species of Australian wildlife, (including wallabies, possums, echidnas and snakes) visitors can try to spot the koalas themselves. The Koala Conservation Centre also features a visitor interpretation centre with gift shop and educational displays, which visitors will find extremely fascinating and informative. The Koala Conservation Centre is part of the Phillip Island Nature Parks and is a great addition to any trip to Phillip Island and the Penguin Parade.

    Public Events: Phillip Island Grand Prix (October 2017)

    Phillip Island is famous for its international motorcycle and car racing events. Motorsport enthusiasts the world over, converge on the Island to see the big name drivers and riders in action on the famous Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

    Where to stay at Cowes
    Tourist Van Park.
    A Maze N Things Holiday Park & Motel. Address: 1825 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes VIC 3922, Australia

    Beach Park Tourist Caravan Park
    Address: 2 McKenzie Rd, Cowes VIC 3922, Australia


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