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  • Emerald Lake in the Dandenongs
    The Dandenong's in the Outer Melbourne Region


    The Dandenongs are located in the Outer Melbourne Region
    Travel time from Melbourne to the Dandenongs is one hour plus
    Travel Distance: Melbourne to the Dandenongs is 47.5 km via M3

    Wander the walking trails, meander the villages and discover the hidden delights of the Dandenong Ranges among its scenic winding roads.


    Now Olinda is a renowned tourist town located between the towns of Sassafras and Kallista. Being a quaint town near the scenic Dandenong Ranges, Olinda is a popular weekend and day trip destination amongst visitors. Olinda offers an array of antique and craft shops, a selection of boutique restaurants and coffee shops near the town’s main commercial centre.

    Mount Dandenong.
    Mount Dandenong is the most scenic mountain within the Dandenong Ranges region. With stunning attractions, lookouts and various other tourist attractions, Mount Dandenong is a popular and unique tourist destination nestled between the picturesque towns of Kalorama and Olinda. Whilst boasting the highest peak in the region, Mount Dandenong is a wonderful hill in the scenic and bushy Dandenong Ranges region. The prime attraction on Mount Dandenong is Sky High restaurant and Cafe on the summit which is the best location for visitors to dine in or grab a snack.

    The Dandenong Ranges houses the beautiful town of Belgrave which is a commercial centre of the region and is located between Ferntree Gully and Emerald. Belgrave is a popular town with numerous things to see and do. Being close to the Melbourne CBD, many visitors come here for weekend getaways and short day trips.

    Gembrook is a charming destination located just an hour from the Melbourne CBD, and one of the region’s most popular tourist attractions. The most iconic feature at Gembrook is that it is the last destination of the popular steam train, Puffing Billy.

    Located in the outer-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Sassafras is a popular weekend destination for both local and out of town visitors. Being a close picturesque town to the Melbourne CBD, Sassafras is an easily accessible holiday destination. Even today, the town boasts its original charm, with no effect of the city’s busy life. Known for its unique cafes, restaurants, tea rooms and scenic locations, Sassafras welcomes visitors to come and explore the town and its neighbourhoods.

    Ferntree Gully
    Ferntree Gully is a beautiful location with an array of attractions and scenic spots. Located within the Dandenong Ranges National Park, Ferntree Gully is just 36kms from the city. Being a popular tourist destination with the renowned 1000 steps, Ferntree Gully is a frequently visited destination in Victoria.

    Emerald is a beautiful scenic town popular for its picturesque lake and parks. Nestled in between the quaint towns of Cockatoo and Belgrave, Emerald is a frequently visited town among tourists to the Dandenong Ranges region. The town boasts two discrete commercial centres within its vicinity, with the larger commercial centre near the Puffing Billy playground and the area’s main railway station. In contrast, the smaller centre is near the Worrell Reserve sports ground between the Beaconsfield and Monbulk areas. This area features an array of cafes, supermarket, gift shops, the town hall and a library.

    Monbulk is a beautiful scenic suburb of Melbourne, located just 42km east of the CBD. Monbulk is an attractive town, often visited by tourists heading up to the Dandenong Ranges. With a mountainous backdrop and surrounding charming forest, this is a quaint location boasting a serene setting in which visitors can enjoy. Monbulk Accommodation, Cheap Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Dandenongs Monbulk is well known for the area’s agricultural and horticultural production. So at the local farmers markets, you will find a bounty of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Apart from the many scenic locations, this town is popular for its unique festivals and events. The town of Monbulk is popular for its tulip gardens and tulip production. Just north of Monbulk is the Tesselaar Tulip Festival which is held every year and starts from mid-September and runs to mid-October. The area is also known for the popular Silvan Food and Flower Festival and the Victorian Strawberry Festival in the month of November.

    Monbulk Tulip Farm


    Mount Evelyn
    Mt Evelyn, near Olinda Creek, is a picturesque location with numerous scenic points and walking trails. A few years ago, the area of Mt Evelyn was known as Olinda Vale and Billygoat Hill. Then the areas of Valinda, Olinda Vale, Billygoat Hill and South Wandin came together and became known as Mt Evelyn.

    Macclesfield is a suburb located in the Dandenong Ranges, 47 kilometres east from the Melbourne CBD. The suburb is best known for its rich soil that has made it a household name as one of the best producers of flowers and potatoes in Victoria.

    Cockatoo is one of the suburbs located in the Dandenong Ranges, and a popular attraction thanks to its many places of interest. The suburb was initially known as Cockatoo Creek during its very early settlement in the late 19th century.

    Montrose is located along the Mt Dandenong Tourist road and acts as an entrance to the northern part of Dandenong Ranges National Park. With numerous scenic points and several things to do, Montrose is a beautiful suburb in the neighbourhoods of Olinda and the Dandenong Ranges. The town boasts a compact shopping precinct that joins the Mount Dandenong Tourist Road. With a rocky backdrop and adjacent lush bushlands, the shopping area is a picturesque location both to see and explore. For those looking for local shops and markets can visit the smaller shopping strips on Leith Road near the commercial centre.

    Silvan is one of the Dandenong Ranges’ most beautiful destinations. Popular for its high quality fruits, Silvan is an enchanting location that awaits your visit. With a wide range of farm experiences, this vibrant suburb is the perfect place for families to visit and spend some time in the outdoors. The U-Pick fruit farm experiences are a magical way to enjoy everything that Silvan has to offer. Just as the name suggests, this revolves around handpicking your own fruits fresh from the farm. Some of the most popular locations for U-Pick include Chappies, a vast cherry and berry farm that comes alive between November and January. At Blue hills Berries and Cherries, not only do visitors pick sweet fruits seasonally, there is also the option of sampling fresh homemade jams and chutneys at the farm. Visit the gift shop and take home with you a memorable souvenir that will capture the very essence of the farm gate experience. Blue Hills is open every day between November and end-April. Silvan is also home to the world-famous Tesselaar Tulip Festival which is held annually. During spring, as the flowers bloom and the winter cold gives way to warmer weather, the festival comes to life with the vibrantly coloured tulips. The fields are an absolute delight, and visitors will have the opportunity to walk among the seemingly endless rows of tulips. Additionally, the festival also has on display different forms of art, local entertainment and food to enjoy for the fortnight during which it runs. Silvan Reservoir is a prime attraction tucked away at the foot of the rolling Dandenong Ranges. It is a short drive from the CBD, and is perfect for a day’s getaway. Some of the amenities on location include picnic areas, open lawns enclosed by a majestic forest of towering eucalyptus trees as well as BBQ facilities. The Grey Gum Track Walk is a must-enjoy for nature enthusiasts looking for tranquillity in the expansive park.

    Ferny Creek
    The charming suburb of Ferny Creek is located just 33kms east of the Melbourne CBD and consists of hilly regions and lush forests housing Australian native plants. Nestled on the landscapes adjacent to the Dandenong Ranges National Park, Ferny Creek is a natural habitat for native wildlife species and birds. Whilst visiting this town, explore the area’s exotic flora and fauna by visiting the parklands and scenic locations. Ferny Creek also houses part of the 1000 Steps bushwalking track and a number of picnic grounds. Enjoy the scenic trails across the beautiful pathways and explore the area’s great offerings. Ferny Creek includes an array of natural attractions, with local and out of town visitors coming here to explore the national park.

    Another popular day trip and weekend getaway destination in the Dandenong Ranges is Kallista. This small tourist village is cocooned within the mountains and lush native bushlands of the Dandenong Ranges and is a quaint and picturesque tourist spot. The commercial centre of Kallista boasts specialty shops, cafes, tea rooms and an array of local art & craft shops. The town also boasts an arts and crafts market that offers various plants, food items, craft stalls, a number of amusement options and nearby accommodation. Kallista Accommodation, Tea Rooms, Restaurants & Rentals, Melbourne Another popular tourist attraction is the Kallista Tea Rooms; a popular place for buying and tasting a variety of tea varieties. Kallista is also known for its attractive parks and picnic grounds; a popular getaway spot for residents and visitors alike. In addition, tourists can also visit the Dandenong Ranges National Park for great outdoor fun and activities where you can go on a walking trail through the native Australian bushland. While heading to Sherbrooke, you can stop near the George Tindale Memorial Gardens; a beautiful garden with an interesting collection of exquisite plants. At the south centre, you will come across the Grants Picnic Ground that houses a souvenir shop, a kiosk, tea rooms, a restaurant and BBQ facilities within the park’s boundary. Kallista offers a number of bushwalking and walking tracks that lead you through the forested areas, fruit orchards and numerous scenic points.

    In the suburbs of Melbourne, visitors often head to the scenic locations near the Dandenong Ranges. Upwey is one such beautiful rural community, located just 32kms from the Melbourne city. Upwey was once known as Mast Gully during the 1850s, however, the area was renamed after the successive changes in colonial settlement. Nowadays, Upwey is a thriving community with a flourishing economy, with the Main Street boasting a commercial centre of shops, boutiques, eateries and gift shops. Whilst visiting this community, go and explore the neighbouring outdoor scenic points. Upwey, with its adjoining township of Tecoma, boasts a number of popular scenic walking trails across the hilly landscapes of Mount Dandenong. The town’s most popular tourist attraction is the Burrinja Gallery. This renowned gallery is located just five minutes from the famous Puffing Billy steam train in Belgrave. This unique and stunning art gallery houses an array of amazing collections of contemporary and traditional art works from Australia and abroad.

    The Dandenong Ranges and its local area houses a number of quaint towns, villages and scenic spots. Selby is one of these beautiful rural communities which is nestled in a picturesque setting. This charming town boasts numerous attractions, such as several historic museums, wineries, vineyards, galleries and parks, all in a tranquil atmosphere. Selby Accommodation, Cheap Hotels & Holiday Motels, Victoria The beautiful gardens of Selby are also perfect for outdoor fun and picnics. Hikers can take the walking trails near the hilly landscapes. Tourists can also visit the neighbouring attractions in the Yarra Valley and other tourist locations in the Dandenong Ranges area. There is an array of wonderful things to see and explore. Renowned for its numerous inspiring natural attractions, Selby boasts numerous parks, lakes, wineries, restaurants, local stores and various art and craft galleries. Come and explore the spectacular accommodation options that Selby offers. Even the activity options are plenty here, with a number of walking trails, boating activities and many more. At the town’s historic museums, learn more about Aboriginal culture and enjoy viewing the many artefacts, exhibits and displays. The renowned Aura Vale Lake Park is nearby, housing a beautiful lake with stunning surrounding gardens, picnic areas and BBQ facilities. Visitors can enjoy boating activities including sailboarding and canoeing. However, visitors are not allowed to swim here due to the water pollution of the lake water.

    Lysterfield is a popular suburb located in the Dandenong Ranges, 32 kilometres south-east from the Melbourne CBD. The first settlement in the area can be traced back to 1838 when the region was referred to as Narre Warren before acquiring its present name in 1874. One of the suburb’s most popular attractions is Lysterfield Park. This beautiful spot is tucked away from the city, making it a tranquil destination for a host of recreational activities. The park’s mountain bike trails coupled with the mountain bike course boasts 20 kilometres of trails suited for all riders. In addition to the park, Lysterfield Lake is also a popular tourist destination. Some of the recreational activities at the park include paddle boarding, sailing and canoeing. There are also walking trails that surround the lakes, with a full circuit taking around 2 hours. There are also two picnic areas along the lake shore which are equipped with toilets, picnic tables and free electric barbecues. There are several accommodation options near Lysterfield, with hotels and BnB’s located just north in Ferntree Gully and Belgrave, and south in Dandenong. Click the links below to explore the full range of accommodation options near Lysterfield.

    Menzies Creek
    Menzies Creek is a neighbouring town of Belgrave, located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, just 40kms from the Melbourne CBD. Menzies Creek is the second station along the scenic railway of Puffing Billy (after Belgrave). This small rural town in the Dandenong Ranges is about 5km east of Belgrave. Menzies Creek also houses popular tea rooms and a local railway museum. Menzies Creek Accommodation, Cottages, Retreats, Bed & Breakfasts Whilst visiting the township, you will come across the charming native forested areas lining the majestic foothills of Mt Dandenong and several nearby picturesque view points. The town was once a hub for extensive gold mining and emerald digging activities. After this period of gold mining, Menzies Creek was a centre for many farmers and timber businesses. With the area’s rich volcanic soil and abundance of water, these businessmen made a fortune in Menzies Creek. Today, the township’s economy is sourced from its agricultural production and tourism. Apart from Puffing Billy, Menzies Creek offers a number of scenic things to see and do. Being a rural township in the Dandenong Ranges, this place is home to picnic grounds, scenic trails and walking tracks nestled throughout the township. Visitors can also visit the nearby Aura Lake Park and Cardinia Reservoir. The area also boasts a number of accommodation options, specialty shops and stores selling locally produced goods, art & crafts, fresh produce and souvenirs. Check out the range of accommodation options listed below.

    Puffing Billy Victoria

    Tremont is a suburb in the Dandenong Ranges, and is located 31 kilometres east of the Melbourne CBD. The most interesting thing about this suburb is that it is almost entirely located in the Dandenong Ranges National Park. For this reason, it is one of the best places to enjoy the natural outdoors. Tremont’s convenient location means it lies in proximity to some of the most exciting natural attractions. The park is famous for its towering mountain ash forests on the rolling hills, its bio-diverse wildlife and its scenic views. There are lots of recreational activities to enjoy while in town. Cycling is a popular way to explore Tremont’s delightful nooks and crannies. Cyclists are welcome to use the network of cycling tracks that wind through the expansive park. The popular 1000 Steps trail that leads up to One Tree Hill is an amazing picturesque destination for those wanting a challenging hike. This trail is very steep and is a renowned tourist spot and a popular weekend activity for fitness enthusiasts. Once you get to the top of the 1000 Steps, you can relax at the One Tree Hill Picnic Ground. The One Tree Hill picnic area is well-equipped with several picnic tables, two picnic shelters, free electric BBQ’s, car parking, toilets (including an accessible, unisex toilet) and grassy areas where you can set up a picnic blanket. Other attractions located near Tremont include Sherbrooke Falls, O’Donohue Picnic Ground and the famous Puffing Billy Railway. Due to its location in a National Park, there are no accommodation options within Tremont itself, but there are plenty of options nearby in the surrounding suburbs including Ferntree Gully, Belgrave and Olinda. Click the link below to explore the range of accommodation options near Tremont.

    The Patch
    There is no shortage of scenic day trip locations around the Dandenong Ranges. With an extensive hilly region and adjacent verdant forests, the rural communities and quaint towns in the area boast a number of picturesque spots, popular view points and several renowned bushwalking tracks. One such community popular among laid back visitors is The Patch. This small town is located 39km east of the Melbourne CBD, and with a population of only 800, this small town is a less-developed suburb in the Dandenong Ranges. The area formed during the 1860s, when a number of timber-cutters discovered this grass patched area, hence the name. Today, the township has merged with a part of Monbulk. Well known for its horticultural and agricultural produce, you will find berries, fruits, vegetables, locally made jams, jellies and other fruit products at the general stores whilst visiting this area. The Patch also houses the Monbulk Jam Factory and several berry growing farms. Some of the farms also have their own stores where you can pick and choose your favourite berries. Even though the area is relatively small, there is no scarcity of scenic locations for visitors to explore. Come and experience a relaxed lifestyle by staying at one of the nearby accommodation options and enjoy the area’s best attractions and activities. Check out the various accommodation options below.

    Upper Ferntree Gully
    Upper Ferntree Gully is a suburb of the Dandenong Ranges that houses the popular Ferntree Gully Park; which also happens to be a section of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Visitors from Melbourne heading to the suburb should head 32km east from the Melbourne CBD. Upper Ferntree Gully Upper Ferntree Gully is a suburb of the Dandenong Ranges that houses the popular Ferntree Gully Park; which also happens to be a section of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Visitors from Melbourne heading to the suburb should head 32km east from the Melbourne CBD.


    1000 Steps
    Located within the Dandenong Ranges National Park, the 1000 Steps Kokoda Walk is a unique and renowned tourist spot in the Dandenong Ranges. The 1000 Steps boasts the Kokoda Track Memorial Walk, a popular walking trail in the area. Nicely maintained by rangers, the Kokoda Track is a beautiful walking track with adjacent forested areas, bushlands and various scenic points. Whilst visiting the steps, you will get a small glimpse into the physical effort experienced by the Australian soldiers during 1942. As the name suggests, the 1000 Steps includes stony steps that lead to the popular One Tree Hill; which starts at the cafe and leads up the top of the mountain. Those who would like to challenge themselves by completing the 1000 Steps should wear appropriate footwear (runners or hiking shoes) and should have a moderate level of fitness. Many people come to this attraction to test and improve their fitness, and thankfully there are a number of shady rest stops along the way for those who need to catch their breath. Those climbing the 1000 Steps should make sure to bring your own bottle of water as there are no water fountains on the trail. Apart from the amazing experience of the trail itself, you can also enjoy the area’s scenic spots, beautiful parklands and numerous view points as you traverse this course near Mt. Dandenong. If you are coming from the city using public transport, catch a train on the Belgrave Line and get off at the “Upper Ferntree Gully” station. From there it is just a 800m walk east along Burwood Highway to reach the southern end of the carpark – around 500m extra to get up to the cafe and the start of the steps. Depending on your fitness, the steps can take between 30 minutes to 1.5hrs to complete the return trip. Many people walk up the steps, but those who are a little fitter may run. So go at your own pace and enjoy the challenge!



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